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  • Indoor Planters
  • Best indoor hanging planters to buy in 2022
  • Hanging Planters
  • Best stylish hanging plant pots for 2020
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A decorative highlight Adjustable rope UV-resistant. Height:With an integrated water tank Contemporary Ideal for outdoor use. Haxnicks Herb Wall Planter. Perfect for balconies and terraces For a vertical garden 8 plant bags. With a wavy edge Hangs on a durable leather cord Water resistant. Add colour to your home For indoor use With a durable leather cord. Pretty wave pattern With a durable leather cord Made of stoneware. Witha high-quality leather cord Looks handmade Made of stoneware. Made of zinc sheeting With a hook 2 liters.

For hanging flowers Closed bottom Made of sturdy zinc. Elaborate production Made of high-quality earthenware Length: 75 cm. For indoor use Made of jute or seaweed Available in three different shapes. Exquisite hanging flowerpot Round, bowl-like shape Made of cast cement. Integrated water reservoir Made of recycled plastic Seamless design.

With an integrated coaster Perfect for outdoor use. Simply attractive Timeless design Fits on any device. Seasonal Pockets "Seasonal" Planter Pocket. Made of recycled material For outdoor use Ideal for balconies.

Made of cement Cord hanger included Diameter: 20 cm. Elaborate design Exceptional structure Fresh colours. Made of sturdy cement For indoor use Length: 60 cm. Made of sturdy cement Easy to combine with other planters Length: 60 cm. Great look Waterproof Diameter: 17 cm.

Garden Trading "Crochet" Plant Hanger. For indoor use Easy to install Maximum weight capacity: 5 kg. High quality Elegant design Comes with a leather string for hanging. Unique look Includes a cotton cord for hanging Diameter: 9 cm. Unique surface structure Handmade look Diameter: 7 cm. Elegant handmade look Sturdy earthenware Diameter: 10 cm. Badeko Ladle Planter Set. Stylish rust finish Cute planters 3 different sizes. Chic country style For wall mounting Made of painted metal.

Badeko "Sonja" Hanging Planter. Stylish rust finish Minimalistic design Diameter: 50 cm. For optimal space utilisation Great knotting technique Length 85 cm. Unique ceramic Beautiful glaze Adjustable leather straps. Great material combination Natural colours Height adjustable. Extravagant design Made of fine porcelain Leather cords. Changeable look Made from porcelain Cords adjustable in length. Beautiful surface Made of ceramic For wall mounting.

Set of 2 sizes With pretty details in gold For wall mounting. Made of ceramic Easy to put up For wall mounting. Made of ceramic Fantastic colour selection Easy wall mounting.

Elegant colour selection Wonderful ceramic Easy construction. Matte surface Ceramic material With leather straps. Ceramic pot Straps made of leather H 9. Botanopia "Bolty" Hanging System. For conventional plant pots Easy construction Height: 24 cm. Secure payments with SLL encryption technology. We strive to achieve zero carbon emissions CO2 emissions are foregone where possible. Learn more. We love cookies Because they allow us to provide you with a unique shopping experience.

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Indoor Planters

In fact, studies have shown that plants may help reduce stress and reduce indoor air pollutants. If you're short on space or available tables, countertops, or shelves, turn to these indoor hanging plants to infuse your home with live greenery. Not to mention, these pretty picks are a handy option if you have pets who like to nibble on houseplants , or young children who pick up everything in sight. Taking care of a hanging plant may sound tricky, but the same rules apply: Before sticking the plant, succulent , or flowers in a new planter, read up on how much water and sun it needs to thrive.

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Best indoor hanging planters to buy in 2022

My Account. Order line. Filter products Products per page All products per page 30 60 90Rowlinson Tier Planter - x x mm. Rowlinson Marberry Corner Cascade Planter - x mm. Wickes Marberry Square Timber Planter - x x mm. Stewart Regency Square Planter 40cm.

Hanging Planters

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Indoor plants are certainly having a moment right now.

Best stylish hanging plant pots for 2020

Hanging baskets are traditionally used to create hanging displays of summer bedding plants outside. But when these displays are finished, why not bring the baskets indoors and plant them up with houseplants , for an alternative display? We used a basket that can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays. To make your display stand out even more, shop around for hanging planters. There are some stunning hanging pots and planters out there — from angular, geodesic designs to hanging rope planters. Fill the basket with peat-free potting compost and add water-retaining granules to improve water supply.

Shop Trailing & hanging plants

The botanical trend is still going strong, with more of us inviting greenery into our homes. They also make a feature in small living spaces, or those that lack outdoor space. Trailing houseplants such as ferns, spider plants and string of pearls, look most attractive in hanging pots but they could be used for small cacti or succulents too. Natural materials like jute give a retro vibe — this trend is a big nod to Seventies interiors — but marble and metal pots give the look a more contemporary spin. Ceramics also make beautiful pairings with foliage — there are plenty out there which look like collectible studio pottery, but come at a reasonable price. Planters also look effective in groups: hanging from beams, the corners of porches or high shelves. This Danish brand has a good range of ceramic planters with great attention to glaze and colour. They look more like vintage market finds than shop buys.

Buy Indoor Hanging Baskets online! Free delivery over £40 to most of the UK ✓ Great Selection ✓ Excellent customer service ✓ Find everything for a.

Aldi planter

A guide to indoor hanging plants, including which ones to choose, where to hang them and how to care for them. Houseplants are a great way to brighten your interiors and bring nature inside, but it can be difficult to find space for pots and large foliage amongst furniture if your home is on the smaller side. The solution? Grow up!

Our self-watering hanging planters and hanging pots are perfect for vibrant displays of cascading flowers. An individual are … Bunnings hanging plants. Making tassels is easy, you can find many tutorials online or you can alternatively follow my steps found on an earlier post in my feed. Measuring 70 in. Create a kitchen garden of fresh herbs. With so many decorative plant pots available, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing outdoor planters for your favourite flowers this year.

Take a look at this collection of our favourite hanging and trailing indoor plants that help to bring a touch of nature into your home. If you're looking to give a stylish yet simple upgrade and to your home decor, a trail of greenery is a top-notch choice.

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Hanging baskets. Hanging planters. Plant containers.


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