When do apple trees give fruit

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When do apple trees give fruit?

For example, a person might say "Apples are ready when you can see the leaves color change in autumn" or "Apples are ready when you see the fruits at the bottom of the tree". Is this right? Are there other ways to determine when apple trees are ready for picking apples?


In the United States, the time that you can pick apples from a tree is usually determined by the size and maturity of the apples. We usually pick "red apples" as they tend to be a bit sweeter than "green apples."

Typically, when the apples are just about to ripen they begin to change color from green to yellow and some red.

The biggest problem we had in my area was that the fruit in many apple trees would not ripen until after they were harvested. I would get fruit that had not ripened for 3-4 months and it was horrible!

If you are looking at a variety of trees in your area you can look at their maturity when you harvest them and choose apples that are ripe.


Apples are ready to pick as soon as they start to change colour and start to soften a bit.

Generally they will soften up, get a bit sweet and start to change colour somewhere between 6 to 12 weeks after pollination. Sometimes you will find some fruit that were pollinated weeks before they ripened. But it isn't something that you'll notice.

It seems that in some areas like Northern Europe, they can pollinate the trees weeks before and not have any fruit ripen.


I think you could say that when you can see the leaves starting to change colors, and a sign on the tree that says "apples ripe to pick". You have to check for apples to pick daily though. Also when you see that the fruits have formed you may have to harvest them for that specific variety.

An apple tree's normal color is green. A

tree's autumn color is the color of the leaves

after they have turned yellow. A late fruit

will usually turn yellow but won't turn

completely red until winter.


I also use the time that I harvest apples because if you don't and get too many apples in your basket it is hard to get them out of there. You have to watch when you get an apple off the tree that it does not burst if you pull it from the tree hard enough.


It is possible, but generally not recommended. Apple trees require long days to flower. For this reason, harvesting is usually done from early to mid-October. However, if the weather is unusually mild in September, it is possible that your apple trees will flower before the end of the month and you will be able to pick fruit early. Be sure to monitor the weather over the next few weeks to see if your trees are producing fruit.


Generally, yes. In warm autumns you can harvest fruit as early as 30th of October. For most commercial apples and pears, this is the season for picking.

On the other hand, in very cold autumns you need at least late October to harvest fully ripe fruits. If your orchard is very small, you could wait and see if it will produce a bumper crop or not.

There is a website describing a bunch of criteria to evaluate the season for different kinds of apple: https://pests.wisc.edu/apple/seasonal.htm


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